4 Steps To Getting Healthy About Money

4 Steps To Getting Healthy About Money

4 Steps To Getting Healthy About Money

How to Shift your Money Mindset

Everyone can have a bad day with money. But when you have poor money mindset, every day can be a pain.

To get over this way of thinking you have to learn to face the fear of what’s keeping you repeating the same money behaviors over and over.

You have to learn to shift your mindset to a more abundant or healthy one.
Changing your mind isn’t always easy.

In fact, it can seem down-right impossible. It is possible, though, and you can start by following these 4 steps:

4 Steps to getting healthy about money

1. Be aware of your thoughts and what your money challenges are.

Look at them for what they are. It’s okay to have bad feelings during this step. It helps us want to make changes.

2. Accept what you’re feeling.

It means you’re giving yourself permission to open the door to accepting how you feel:  guilt, shame, greed, anger or frustration.

It’s natural to feel resistance to these emotions.

But it allows you to think more objectively and accept what we are resisting as an emotion.

Acceptance lets you see how important it is to understand your feelings about money.

3. Allow change to occur.

Getting the emotions out of the way allows you to take a step back and shift your attention to what is causing the feelings. That way you can recognize your money behaviors.

4. Take action

Set up a budget or dive into investing or taking a class to educate yourself on financial planning and management.
Once you’ve taken inventory of your money behaviors and the feelings they give you, you can begin to change your poor mindset to one of abundance.

An abundance mindset, as opposed to a poverty mindset, is a crucial part of how you live and lead your life.

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